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Meaning of Zen

Derived from ‘chan’, the Chinese word for the Indian art of meditation, Zen is a means of finding serenity, harmony, and balance. By clearing our minds, we are able to live in the present by freeing ourselves of negative thoughts. Zen is not just a belief, but a lifestyle, one that bypasses logic and helps us unify our senses with the universe.

The Lotus Approach

The lotus flower is notorious for its beauty, but few are familiar with its unexpected home. The flower grows in muddy ponds, but once it blossoms it remains clean and untouched by its surroundings. This ability to stay pure, even in the messiest environment, has made the lotus flower a symbol of harmony, purity, and enlightenment in the Zen world.

Zen 5 Philosophy

Just like the ancient practice of Zen we believe in unifying the mind, body, and soul. At Zen 5, we strive to help you find solace and achieve serenity in everyday life. Our philosophy centers on the number 5, which pertains to the 5 fundamental senses that guide us through the world. Along with unity, we focus on finding balance, both within and in the universe. Simply defined, our efforts are deeply rooted in the belief that every person equitably receives what they put in. This combined with our devotion to quality drives us to produce only the best for our community.

Your Journey

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