Breathe In, Breathe Out

As a Yoga novice, you’re probably still getting used to hearing your instructor tell you to breathe every other minute. But why is breathing so vital?


Spiritually speaking, breathing helps you connect with your mind, body, and heart aka your emotions. Your mind focuses on the present, your body expels negative energy and your emotions are alleviated. The more control you have over your breathing the easier it is to focus your concentration, keep your balance and even navigate through different levels of consciousness. By controlling how we breathe in the conscious state we stimulate our brain, specifically the cerebral cortex which impacts our emotions. The slower you breathe the quicker you relax and soothe your emotional being. Controlling your breathing helps you let go of the past and keep your attention on the present alleviating unnecessary stress.

Remember as your body flows from one pose to the next your energy follows, so it’s important to maintain a clear mind, and direct focus on what you’re doing. Stay positive and remember to just breathe!